Abdominal Sonography (Ultrasound Examination of Abdominal Organs)

Ultrasound (sonography) is a type of imaging method used to examine the abdominal organs. It is low-risk, non-invasive, painless, and radiation-free. It is easy to use, readily available, and can be carried out quickly.

What Happens During an Abdominal Sonography?

To ensure optimal diagnostic images, patients should not eat or drink anything for up to 4 hours before the examination (the air which is swallowed when eating and drinking makes it difficult to assess the ultrasound images). The ultrasound is used to determine the position, size, and consistency of the internal organs. Ultrasound examinations often find bile stones.

Sonography is completely painless, and you can watch the examination on the monitor.

The examination (including the preliminary talk and the debriefing) takes about 30 minutes.